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    Community Meeting in Rehabilitation Colony for colony management issues

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    SHG Development Program

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    Navjeevan Cooperative "General Body Meeting" In progress


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    Students visit to Regional Science Centre,Bhubaneswar

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    Exposure Visit of SHG members

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    Navjeevan Cooperative's 52 member stitching unit inauguration

The RSMS Advantage :

Creating a paradigm shift in the way development projects are planned and implemented by industries defines our purpose of existence.

We define this as "The RSMS advantage" in :
"What we do?"... and...
"How we do?"

What we do ?

Renaissance Strategic and Management Services, known among its clients as RSMS strongly subscribes to the principle of 'value addition' to its clients from application of its services and hence it works very closely with all its clients in all stages of it delivery process.

Inclusive development in all its forms and dimensions is the integral part of RSMS's charter. And to realize this, RSMS puts strong emphasis on professionalism rather than philanthropy in all its activities. In RSMS parlance, development does not confine to the role of inter-mediation of charitable funds. Rather RSMS takes a holistic approach to the word development and attempts to influence the complex web of issues for beneficial outcomes to one and all. It strives for bottoms up approach that allows maximum freedom to the primary stakeholders to articulate their needs, concerns and aspirations and simultaneously makes an attempt to arrive at practical solutions through participatory means.

How we do ?

Strength of RSMS lies in the pool of human resource it has. Besides slightly above average remuneration that the development sector benchmarks to its people. Keeping in view client's requirements and its commitment to give value-for-money, RSMS engages highly qualified and experienced professionals in all its projects. Team of Renaissance, which resembles a rich congregation of professionals from academia, industry and not-for-profit organizations, is committed to create paradigm shift in the way CSR and R& R initiatives are looked, planned and implemented. RSMS provides ample opportunities to its staff for acquiring latest knowledge to build their own capacities as part of its training & development policy for its members.

We adopt standard project management approach in our planning and implementation.